New Blogger Interview: An Armchair by the Sea

One of the things I hope the Book Blogger Directory accomplishes is helping promote new blogs. In furtherance of that, I’m going to be featuring interviews with a number of newer blogs. It’s so much fun to know more about the blogger behind the blog. If you started blogging in 2011 and you’re interested in being featured, shoot me an e-mail (alisoncanread at gmail dot com).

Today’s interview is with Bex of An Armchair By The Sea. If you have an eclectic taste in books, look no further than An Armchair by the Sea. Bex’s blog discusses everything from Noel Streatfeild to fairy tales to The Three Musketeers.

1. Name/Username:


2. Blog link:

3. Tell us a little about yourself:

Tell us a little about yourself: I’m 23, and recently relocated to Broadstairs, a small coastal town in Kent, England, with my fiance. I have a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing, and by day I work in retail, while struggling with becoming an accredited proofreader, and figuring out what I really want to do with my life! Until November 2010, I’d lived in London my whole life, with my gigantic family (I’m the oldest of 7 kids), and I’m still adjusting to the change of pace!

4. What types of books do you review on your blog?

I review literally everything. More fiction than non-fiction, though, and I’m a huge fan of reading challenges.

5. Why did you decide to start blogging?

I started blogging, like a lot of other people, as a way to keep track of the books I read, and my responses to them. I’d reached the stage where I’d get half way through a book, and it would start to seem sort of familiar, and I’d realise that I’d already read it. There’s definitely too many books I want to read to waste time re-reading books I didn’t love enough to remember the first time around! Also, when we moved, I was feeling a bit disconnected from everything, as I was living away from family and friends I’d known my whole life, and didn’t really know anybody, and blogging seemed (and is!) a great way to connect, not to mention argue about books and get some great recommendations!

6. What do you like do to when you’re not reading or blogging?

When I’m not reading or blogging, I watch a lot of movies. I’m also a big fan of taking long walks along the coast, and spend a lot of time visitng friends and family,as well as planning my wedding! I’m very into music, and in a former life (when I didn’t live up a load of really narrow, windy stairs!) was a pianist.

7. Do you listen to music while you read? If so, what do you like to listen to?

I don’t usually, as I concentrate better without it. I can read no problem with the TV on, or if other people are around and talking, but I find music distracting, which is weird, because I come from a really musical family, and am a musical person myself. If I do have music on while reading, though, it’s usually something chilled: classical or jazz mostly.

8. Tell us one thing about you that would surprise us

I went to primary school with Keira Knightley (no, really – Teddington is where we both grew up!)


Book(s) you read in the past few years:

A lot of Scarlett Thomas: The End of Mr Y, Popco, Our Tragic Universe, Dead Clever….

Book(s) from childhood:

Little Women, Good Wives, Little Men, and Jos Boys by Louisa M. Alcott – I still adore them to this day!

All time author(s):

Scarlett Thomas, David Gemmell, Terry Pratchett, Jodi Picoult, Sarah Addison Allen, J.K. Rowling, Jane Austen, Neil Gaiman, Elisabeth Hyde, Zoe Heller, Roald Dahl…..

Book(s) you had to read for school:

To Kill a Mockingbird, and Northanger Abbey

Book(s) that made you cry:

Good Wives, and Ravenheart by David Gemmell. Both make me cry every single time I read them.

Book to movie adaptation(s):

Stardust, Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland (the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton version), Watchmen

Place to read:

On the beach, on the train, or in the bath!

Book cover(s):

The cover of Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Camille Rose Garcia

Book blogs:

Again, lots. A Literary Odyssey, Estella’s Revenge, The Book Lady’s Blog, Teadevotee. RoofBeamReader, Reading Thru the Night – just the ones that came to mind immediately!


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2 Responses to New Blogger Interview: An Armchair by the Sea

  1. Patty says:

    Awesome post…I love finding out about other bloggers!!!

  2. I’m not sure how I just stumbled across this now… but I’m so honored and humbled to have been listed as a favorite book blog! Thanks much! 😀

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