Do You Host A Meme? Book Blogger Meme Directory.

It has been requested that the BOOK BLOGGER DIRECTORY include a MEME directory. This is something very feasible that can be accomplished but, of course we need you, THE HOSTS of these memes, to provide the information. Please fill out this form. It is recommended that you read the FAQ section first.


What is a meme?
In regards to this directory listing, we are considering MEMEs: A post or feature hosted by a blog or website that engages other book bloggers to participate. The feature/meme takes place on a certain day and time on a regular basis. Readers will know that consistently on a certain day this feature will be occurring on your blog or web site.

Is this just for Book Bloggers?
Yes. This is only for memes directed at Book Bloggers.

Authors and some family bloggers participate in my meme, am I disqualified?
No. As long as it is a book related meme, or book blogger directed.

I’m not the host, but this meme is not on your list and it really should be included, can I list it?
No, I’m sorry, but to cut down on repeat listings, we ask that only the HOSTS of the memes include their listing. If you don’t see your favorite meme on the list, tell the host about the directory – she/he might not know we are doing this! Spread the word, we’ll be eternally grateful.



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26 Responses to Do You Host A Meme? Book Blogger Meme Directory.

  1. Tom Baker says:

    This is a great idea. Too bad my meme is not book related. I hope you have great success with this endeavor.

  2. Mohammed I. A Isedeh says:

    Hello, I want a blog, for my phillosophical messages. Thank you, for this great site.

  3. The Hook says:

    On an unrelated note, as a newbie author – and a blogger with a year under his belt – I was overjoyed to hear to discover this site! I plan to make good use of your resources. Thank you for providing such a valuable service to those who need it most.

  4. Umm…I am not really sure whether my blog comes under a book meme blog (I used to think so but now I find it’s not). I use self created images (i try to make them funny) in my posts about books/authors. But I haven’t really invited anybody to use them or seen anybody try to replicate.

  5. I would say yes and no to the question. I don’t think my mood will necessarily dictate what genre I read but I won’t read dark or “heavy” books if I’m feeling happy; it might bring me down.

  6. Maritas says:

    It would have been amazing, if my meme would have been book related. Unfortunately it is not.

  7. Ben says:

    i am also curious for a meme directory… but didn’f find yet

  8. Where will this appear? Seems like avery interesting venue to offer.

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  10. Great Idea but unfortunately, my meme is not book related. But I’m planning to setup a new account.

  11. alysawillis says:

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  18. A post or feature hosted by a blog or website that engages other book bloggers to participate. The feature/meme takes place on a certain day and time on a regular basis. There is E book for how to organize an entire home. Clear out the chaos of your house and get a better well being in the bargain.

  19. buzzbindaas says:

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  20. i am also curious about the meme directory; but how can i find it

  21. Bex says:

    Did anything ever come of this, or if not, do you know if there is a listing somewhere else online?

  22. I created a MEME but do not know if its an original? How do I verify and/or research a MEME that may be similiar that I am unaware of.

  23. karl says:

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  24. Rhea Jones says:

    That was interesting. I never really thought about creating a meme,but how do I know if my meme is original. Want if it was inspired? How do I find out?

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