Choose which category would best fit your blog and then click the link to be taken to the form. You can only be listed in one category. So choose wisely.

Also, please remember, the directory was created to be a Link me > Link you environment to increase Google Page Rank for book bloggers. The higher the Book Blogger Directory goes in page rank, the higher it can bring you up for featuring your link. So, keep that in mind when you add a link, please link back to us. It works both ways. This will not be policed, it is an “on your honor” but it helps make the experiment work!!

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Per a demand by some users, we are offering a featured spot and an advertisement spot, much like Google offers.

Featured Spots, add your blog button to your directory listing for just $15.

Just like the image shown to the left, your link will stand out from the rest of the back with a little graphically enhanced technology…

Advertising Spots, will be shown at the top of the genre page, or A-Z listings, depending on your choice, above the moderator links or below once again depending again on your choice. A price will be quoted on request.

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Quickie FAQs

I’m an author and I blog about my books, is that a book blog?
No that is an author’s blog. I’m sorry but this directory is just for book blogs. Now if you are an author that also writes reviews, blogs about other people’s books and occasionally blogs about your own books, then yes, you can join.

I can’t decided what category I’m in. I read everything from non-fiction to fiction. Where should I put my blog?
You must have a preference. List the last ten books you’ve read, is there a majority of a particular kind? If so, go with that category. Each one is a different kind? Ouch. Maybe put yourself in a general category, like Fiction > Everything!

You got the spelling of my name wrong! What to do?
Email your moderator in that particular section.

I want to be listed in each genre that I review, so is it ok if I fill out the form for each genre.
You can fill out the form 100 times, the first category you pick is the category you are going in, everything else will be deemed spam. You can only be listed in one category, please choose it wisely.